LAS is a Berlin-based art foundation that brings together art, technology and science.

Committed to new ways of presenting art, LAS commissions experimental projects, both physical and digital, in unconventional spaces. LAS is dedicated to future thinking and light is the foundation's guiding principle - a symbol of imagination, discovery and innovation.

Art should be accessible to all. With this in mind, LAS is committed to commissioning and presenting engaging experiences that are relevant to our communities and our times. Light is a leitmotif for the programme that features contemporary, pioneering and emerging artists involved in a variety of events, exhibitions, publications and digital projects. The open and interdisciplinary platform fosters a future-led approach that challenges our perception of the present and stimulates future imaginaries. As the foundation grows, LAS looks to build a new institutional model that plays a role in shaping our future and which will be grounded in a permanent home in Berlin.

© LAS (Light Art Space)

‘With light, you can ask questions about who we are as humans. It’s also related to the future, to the newest technology and scientific research. We always wanted to pursue this interdisci­plinary approach, where you bring art and science and technology together.’

Bettina Kames, Director LAS

Team & Ambassadors

Jan Fischer Founder & Co-Director
Dr Bettina Kames Director
Kristina Leipold Commercial Director
Jasna Kohnert Stavenhagen Art Administration
Amira Gad Head of Programmes (maternity leave)
Liz Stumpf Assistant Curator
Sophie Korschildgen Assistant Curator
Zoe Büchtemann Curatorial Assistant
Manon Bernard Personal & Curatorial Assistant
Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray Production Manager
Alexis Convento Production Manager
Harriet Collins Junior Producer
Felix Thon Head of Marketing and Communications
Selin Şahin Communications Manager
Evelyn Nossol Communications Manager
Veronica Jonsson Social Media Manager
Simon Denny Artist, Berlin
Venus Lau Artistic Strategic Director at Modern Media Group, Art Editor-in-Chief of Numéro Art China, Shanghai-based Curator and Writer
Christopher Schlaeffer Serial Tech Entrepreneur, London
Ben Vickers (on sabbatical)
Prof. Johannes Vogel, Ph.D. Leadership of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin as its Director General

Working at LAS