The Affirmation BOB was developed by Dr. James Moonweed Wong as a follow-up to the massively popular Task BOB pilot product from Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM). Affirmation BOB stabilizes human mental health by regulating its host’s experience of Delta Drops—sudden changes in the environment that produce intense negative emotions. ZIM describes Affirmation BOB as “a co-signer for life’s bets” who can play multiple support roles: therapist, cheerleader, best friend. In the Wavyverse, Affirmation BOBs can be identified by their two eyes. The most notorious Affirmation BOB belongs to Wavyverse influencer Princess Wendy, who affectionately nicknamed it “Affy”. There are rumors that Dr. Wong developed the first Affirmation BOB in order to navigate the deterioration of his marriage.