LAS Online

An Ongoing Series of Artists’ Interventions

Excerpt from Meriem Bennani, Party on the CAPS, 2018.
Image courtesy of the artist and C L E A R I N G, Brussels / New York. Initially commissioned by BIM 2018.

As part of LAS’ commitment to digital technologies, artists have been invited to conceive an online intervention to be featured on its website. Reinforcing the idea that the LAS website is a platform beyond information resources, each experience through the lens of the artist will tackle topics ranging from sustainability to biotechnology to outer space. These engaging interventions also act as teasers and introductions to each artist’s work. This series features, amongst others, Jenna Sutela who translates the movement of bacteria into a Martian tongue language; Meriem Bennani comments on Western Immigration policies by imagining a near-future scenario that includes crocodiles who can quantum teleport; Nkisi invites users to listen to a soundtrack of the cosmos, and Omsk Social Club challenges visitors to choose their own path in an adventure game leading into the unknown.

Featured Artists:
Jenna Sutela, Meriem Bennani, Nkisi, Omsk Social Club

Meriem Bennani, Party on the CAPS, 2018

Meriem Bennani started developing Party on the CAPS in 2017 while researching subatomic teleportation in response to President Trump’s US travel ban. The work offers a political commentary on Western immigration and surveillance policies, summoning a dystopian reality only slightly different from our own. In her work, Bennani also pays tribute to human resilience and hybridity by resisting essentialist notions of identity and culture, instead addressing the in-between states of life in the diaspora. For her intervention on LAS’ platform, Bennani presents a fragment from her audiovisual work Party on the CAPS (2018) featuring the cartoon crocodile FIONA who guides us through bizarre scenes on the isolated, yet overpopulated island of the CAPS. This excerpt not only sets the scene for her video work, it also mirrors a stark reality of our present times.


Meriem Bennani (b. 1988) is a New York-based artist from Morocco. Mixing the visual languages of reality TV, advertising, documentary film, phone-camera footage and high-end commercial aesthetics, Bennani explores the potential of storytelling through magical realism and humour. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Saatchi Gallery, London, MoMA PS1, New York and Palais de Tokyo, Paris.