LAS Online

An Ongoing Series of Artists’ Interventions

Nkisi / Melika Ngombe Kolongo, Orb, 2020.
Image courtesy of the artist (sound composition & film).
Images generated with space simulator software.

As part of LAS’ commitment to digital technologies, artists have been invited to conceive an online intervention to be featured on its website. Reinforcing the idea that the LAS website is a platform beyond information resources, each experience through the lens of the artist will tackle topics ranging from sustainability to biotechnology to outer space. These engaging interventions also act as teasers and introductions to each artist’s work. This series features, amongst others, Jenna Sutela who translates the movement of bacteria into a Martian tongue language; Meriem Bennani comments on Western Immigration policies by imagining a near-future scenario that includes crocodiles who can quantum teleport; Nkisi invites users to listen to a soundtrack of the cosmos, and Omsk Social Club challenges visitors to choose their own path in an adventure game leading into the unknown.

Featured Artists:
Jenna Sutela, Meriem Bennani, Nkisi, Omsk Social Club

Nkisi, Orb, 2020

Orb (2020), is a sonic and visual exploration of the cosmos that is inspired by musician and composer Steve Coleman's essay ‘Regarding the Sonic Symbolism of When and Where’ (ARCANA V, compiled by John Zorn). The text is based on the premise that cosmic dynamics also consist of sound and music. Nkisi is particularly interested in the phenomenon of orbs, their manifestations and rhythms, and how they affect beings. Orbs are circular luminous spots encountered on photographic images. These particles are often associated with paranormal activities, indicating the presence of the souls of the deceased. During her two-month intervention, Nkisi presents her cosmic sound piece to connect visitors with the unconscious, inviting them to experience with open or closed eyes the orb’s diffusion of energy.


Melika Ngombe Kolongo also known as Nkisi is an artist, musician, producer and curator based in Berlin and London. In 2015, she founded NON Worldwide, a collective of African and diasporic artists that use sound and performance as their primary media to articulate the visible and invisible structures that create power dynamics in society. Nkisi uses sound to reveal the multi-sensory phenomena of living things, especially cosmic vibrations. She has performed widely across Europe and the US at venues including the South London Gallery, Museum Ludwig, Cologne and New Museum, New York.