Jakob Kudsk Steensen


Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Berl-Berl (2021). Live simulation (still). Courtesy of the artist.

In conjunction with his LAS commissioned exhibition at Halle am Berghain, which was on view from 10 July until 26 September 2021, artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen took over LAS Online and created an online experience of Berl-Berl.

The virtual world BerlBerl.world begins with a swamp as its protagonist – its ecosystem, history and mythologies – and pays tribute to Berlin's origin as a wetland that formed over 10,000 years ago, and was drained in the 1700s. ‘Berl’, the ancient Slavic word for ‘swamp’, is thought to be the origin of ‘Berlin’ and gave the exhibition its name.

To explore Berl-Berl online, scroll the Triglav: a deity that represents the three dimensions of Slavic cosmology: heaven, earth, and the underworld.


Jakob Kudsk Steensen


Jakob Kudsk Steensen: Berl-Berl, 2021
Live simulation.
Sound composition and music by Matt McCorkle
Featuring music by Arca
© 2021 Jakob Kudsk Steensen
Commissioned by Light Art Space (LAS)
Curated by Emma Enderby
Assistant Curator: Liz Stumpf

Creator and Artist: Jakob Kudsk Steensen
Co-Producer:Elisabeth Kircher
Sound Composer: Matt McCorkle
Vocalizations: Arca
Poetry: Johannes Heldén
3D Development and Technology Design: Erratic Animist Studio
Technical Manager: Wouter Weynants
Tech Consultant: Todd Bryant
Installation Producer: Andrea Familari
Spatial Sound Design: Lugh O'Neill
Point Cloud Animation: Valentin Kraft

International Magic

Adam Rodgers, Creative Director
Ben McKinnon, Creative Producer
Agnete Morell, Designer
Jack Wild, WebGL Developer
Niklas May, Developer

Visual Identity

Wkshps x Studio Pandan