Refik Anadol
Latent Being

Nov 23, 2019 — Jan 5, 2020
Kraftwerk Berlin

AI data paintings presenting a new type of collective imagination at Kraftwerk Berlin from 23 November 2019 – 5 January 2020

Refik Anadol: Latent Being, 2019, Kraftwerk Berlin. Photo: Refik Anadol, Video: Hiroo Tanaka

Latent Being is a site-specific large-scale installation by media artist Refik Anadol, a pioneer in the aesthetics of artificial intelligence, that responds to the cathedral-like concrete vastness of Kraftwerk Berlin, a former East Berlin power-plant.

Visitors are invited to walk through an immersive and interactive environment, in which data relating to the city, the architecture and the visitors are transformed into hallucinogenic, large-scale AI data paintings displayed on LED walls. By using a cutting-edge deep learning algorithm to create this interactive AI-human constellation, Anadol’s work challenges our perception of ‘space’ and our relationship with AI entities.

Through his use of data that flows around us as his primary material and the neural network of a computerised mind as his collaborator, Anadol offers us radical visualisations of our digitised memories and expands the possibilities of architecture, narrative, and the body in motion.

Introduction to Latent Being by Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol: Latent Being, 2019, Kraftwerk Berlin. Video © Hiroo Tanaka

‘Machines are allowing us to think beyond our linear life and have a new type of imagination. What kind of cultural narratives can we create if machines tell us what experiences are shared.’

Refik Anadol, Sleek Magazine

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Refik Anadol, Latent Being

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Refik Anadol, Latent Being

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Refik Anadol, Latent Being


Refik Anadol

Latent Being is a new installation presented by LAS that turns Kraftwerk Berlin into a dynamic human-AI eco-system

Latent Being, 2019, Kraftwerk Berlin. © Camille Blake


Refik Anadol in conversation with Ben Vickers

Refik Anadol: Latent Being, 2019, Kraftwerk Berlin. © LAS Light Art Space (Video production: Hiroo Tanaka)


Latent Being is the AI installation teaching an algorithm to hallucinate about Berlin

Refik Anadol: Latent Being, 2019, Kraftwerk Berlin. ©Marcellina Wellmer


Breakthroughs of the Year: Science in the Arts

Media artist and director Refik Anadol was voted one of the top ten winners in the Science in the Arts category of Falling Wall's Breakthroughs of the Year award for his LAS-commissioned exhibition Latent Being, which was presented at Kraftwerk Berlin in 2019. Hear Anadol discuss his work in the Winners Session.

Latent Being, 2019, Kraftwerk Berlin. © Camille Blake


Refik Anadol: Latent Being, 2019
Audiovisual Installation.
© 2021 Refik Anadol 
Commissioned by Light Art Space (LAS)

Production Credits

Kerim Karaoglu, Sound Design
analogNative, Generative Design and Artistic
Arístides García, Laser Animation Design and System Development

Refik Anadol Studio

Alex Morozov
Carrie He
Christian Burke
Danny Seoung
HyeJi Yang
Efsun Erkilic
Ho Man Leung
Julia Thompson
Kyle McLean
Nicholas Boss
Pelin Kivrak
Raman K. Mustafa
Toby Heinemann

StyleGAN Algorithm by NVIDIA

LAS Team

Jan Fischer, Founder and Co-Director
Dr. Bettina Kames, Director
Kristina Leipold, Commercial Director
Agnes Gryczkowska, Curator
Liz Stumpf, Assistant Curator
Tilman Hatje, Production Manager
Harriet von Froreich, Head of Communication
Ruth Kißling, Head of Research
Luisa Bachmann, Research Assistant
Yuanwen Zhong, Research Assistant

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