Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
This Is Not A Love Show

Dec 11, 2021 — Jan 15, 2022
Kraftwerk Berlin

A Series of Dance Performances at Kraftwerk Berlin


This Is Not A Love Show, a series of dance performances by world-renowned choreographer Sharon Eyal and co-creator Gai Behar that brings highlights from their repertoire to Berlin, plunging the audience into a world of intense emotions, expressive movement and immersive techno-beats.

LAS presents a series of live performances conceived by acclaimed Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal and co-creator Gai Behar and set in the iconic building Kraftwerk Berlin.

Eyal & Behar have gained world acclaim for their artistic creations since they started working together in 2005. Trained in classical ballet and a long-term member of the renowned Batsheva Dance Company under Ohad Naharin, Eyal’s visceral style merges physicality, striking delicacy and uninhibited passion. Behar is well-known for having shaped Tel Aviv’s nightlife for years. Together their compositions are accompanied by the hypnotic sonic compositions of long-term musical collaborator Ori Lichtik, and characterised by nuanced expressions unique in contemporary dance.

Their dance company L-E-V (lev in Hebrew means heart) was founded in 2013 and is the confluence of movement, light, music, fashion and technology. Eyal’s signature style combines extreme emotions through movement. L-E-V is the culmination of years of momentum, and their original creations are delivered by fiercely talented dancers in cross-disciplinary stagings equally at home in a techno-club or opera house.

LAS showcases a survey of Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar’s major works, introducing Berlin audiences to key highlights from their repertoire, including the Berlin premiere of Soul Chain, a tanzmainz production and Half Life, a Staatsballett Berlin production, as well LOV3, a trilogy featuring OCD Love, Love Chapter 2, and Chapter 3: The Brutal Journey of the Heart made by Eyal & Behar uniquely for L-E-V Dance Company. The creations are adapted to be in dialogue with the industrialist architecture of Kraftwerk Berlin. A former power plant in East Berlin, Kraftwerk Berlin is recognised for hosting Berlin's music and underground culture since the forming of the adjacent legendary nightclub Tresor in 1991. Kraftwerk Berlin not only becomes host to the series of live performances, it is also the stage for the company to develop their work over two months.

"I believe in the story that comes from inside the body. My dancers always say that this style is really hard, both physically and emotionally. But the more extreme it is on the body, the more the emotion comes out!"

Sharon Eyal


Soul Chain

A production of tanzmainz

Inspired by strong emotions about love, Soul Chain combines ballet and electronic music in an exciting contemporary dance performance. The ensemble becomes a swarm full of energy as part of an extremely challenging choreography that won the German Theatre Prize DER FAUST in 2018 and was invited to the renowned TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND in 2020.

Even though Eyal says Soul Chain is a play about love and longing, you should not expect too much romance. Rather, the movements are animalistic and pure, a steaming group moves with the highest discipline in rhythmic unison. The longer a unisono lasts, the more time we as a public have to search for the differences –  to find the dancers’ intention. As the choreographer says, one can see from the same thing how different we are. Here, in the contrast between the group and the individual, Eyal expresses her love for the absolute uniqueness of each individual.

Saturday 11 December 2021, 8.30 pm
Sunday 12 December 2021, 8.30 pm

Duration: 55 minutes


Choreography: Sharon Eyal
Co-Creator: Gai Behar
Costume: Rebecca Hytting
Music: Ori Lichtik
Stage and Light Design: Alon Cohen
Assistant Choreographer: Rebecca Hytting, Tom Weinberger
Rehearsal Director: Andrea Kozelnická-Svobodová

Dancers: Cristel de Frankrijker, Madeline Harms, Daria Hlinkina, Bojana Mitrović, Nora Monsecour, Amber Pansters, Maasa Sakano, Marija Slavec, Milena Wiese; Zachary Chant, Finn Lakeberg, Federico Longo, Cornelius Mickel, Alberto Terribile, Matti Tauru, Louis Thuriot, John Wannehag

Director tanzmainz: Honne Dohrmann
Production Manager: Lisa Besser
Assistant of Dance Directorate: Hannah Meyer-Scharenberg
Touring Manager: Maria Eckert
Stage & Sound set-up on tour: Luka Curk
Light set-up on tour: Dominik Hager
Stage Manager on tour: Matthew Tusa
Photos: Andreas Etter

Half Life

A production of Staatsballett Berlin

Sharon Eyal’s way of asking choreographically piercing questions and setting in motion uncomfortable situations forces her performers and audience to abandon usual patterns of thoughts and personal habits. Clearly influenced by the legendary Batsheva Dance Company, her creations challenge the performers, who are provoked physically and mentally to achieve individual expression. Eyal and Behar developed Half Life 2017 for the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm. The piece’s attraction derives in part from the music that was created under the direction of Ori Lichtik hand-in-hand with the choreographic process.

Thursday 6 January 2022, 8.30 pm
Friday 7 January 2022, 8.30 pm

Duration: 45 minutes


Choreography: Sharon Eyal
Co-Creation: Gai Behar
Music: Ori Lichtik
Costume and Make-Up Design: Rebecca Hytting
Light Design: Alon Cohen
Assistant Choreographer: Rebecca Hytting

Dancers: Sarah Brodbeck, Filipa Cavaco, Weronika Frodyma, Mari Kawanishi, Olaf Kollmannsperger, Konstantin Lorenz, Sacha Males, Ross Martinson, Johnny McMillan, Danielle Muir, Daniel Norgren-Jensen, Tabatha Rumeur, Eoin Robinson, Federico Spallitta

Dr. Christiane Theobald: Directorate
Jenny Mahr: General Manager
Korina Stolz-Franke: Ballet Master
Tobias Fischer, Mathias Hofmann: Production Managers
Annegret Gertz: Dramaturgie
Corinna Erlebach: Pressesprecherin


LAS presents OCD Love, Love Chapter 2, and Chapter 3: The Brutal Journey of the Heart – all pieces from the trilogy made by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar uniquely for L-E-V Dance Company.
Accompanied by pulsating techno beats, LOV3 allows the audience to experience and feel the creators' different approaches to love and the intuitive connection between the pieces.

OCD Love
Thursday 13 January 2022, 8.30 pm

Love Chapter 2
Friday 14 January 2022, 8.30 pm

Chapter 3: The Brutal Journey of the Heart
Saturday 15 January 2022, 8.30 pm

Duration: 55 minutes


Creators: Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar
Music: Ori Lichtik
Lighting: Alon Cohen
Rehearsal Manager: Leo Lerus

Dancers: Clyde Emmanuel Archer, Etay Axelroad, Darren Devaney, Guido Dutilh, Alice Godfrey, Rebecca Hytting, Dana Pajarillaga, Keren Lurie Pardes

More performances taking place in January 2022 will be announced soon.

"For me a movement is never the same. The beauty is that even when it looks the same or you think it’s the same it never is. It’s always something else."

Sharon Eyal

About L-E-V Dance Company

L-E-V Dance Company was founded by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar in 2013. Their company’s name is the Hebrew word for heart. The company has given around 700 performances in some of the most exclusive venues and festivals around the world such as: The Joyce Theatre, New York; Sadler's Wells, London; Festival Montpellier Danse; and Julidans, Amsterdam. L-E-V’s crew includes a musician, Ori Lichtik, light and costume designers, as well as a group of dancers.

About Staatsballett Berlin

The Staatsballett Berlin was founded in 2004 as a result of the reunification of the former ballet ensembles of Berlin’s three opera houses: the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Komische Oper Berlin and the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. The consolidation made the Staatsballett the biggest classically trained company in Germany with 81 dancers.

Performance venues are the stages of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Komische Oper Berlin and the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. In addition to these regular locations, the company also takes up opportunities to dance at other venues in the city. Since 2011, the Staatsballett Berlin has been based at the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The opera house’s former paint workshops have now become modern ballet studios that offer excellent working conditions.

In August 2020, Christiane Theobald was appointed artistic director of the company by the Berlin Senate Department of Culture.

About tanzmainz

The members of the tanzmainz ensemble are fully trained artists who are interested in developing a close working relationship with the guest choreographers. tanzmainz sees itself as a place of creation, therefore all works performed are premieres that have been created at the Staatstheater Mainz in cooperative projects involving their crew and guests. tanzmainz strives to constantly expand its repertoire with innovative forms of dance and production, and aims to be a bridge between the Staatstheater Mainz and the independent scene.

Accompanying Leaflet Dance Performances

Accompanying Leaflet Dance Performances (EN)

Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar, This Is Not A Love Show
11/30/2021, 4 MB

Accompanying Leaflet Dance Performances (DE)

Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar, This Is Not A Love Show
11/30/2021, 4 MB


Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Claude Adjil

"It’s about how you approach ideas and movement and what you want to say. Because, anyway, everything has already been done before, you know?"

Interview with Sharon Eyal by Ana Bogdan for The Talks

Love Chapter 3 The Brutal Journey of the Heart. Photos were taken at Ruhrtriennale 2019 | Festival der Künste, Germany, September 2019. Photo © Stefan Dotter for Dior


“Sharon Eyal’s work is in demand worldwide and her unmistakable style is iconic.“

Take a look behind the scenes of the rehearsals at Bold Tendencies.

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