Hallucinating AI by Refik Anadol
"AI artist Refik Anadol is creating a type of collective unconscious of Berlin."
Nov 2021
Breakthroughs of the Year Award
Refik Anadol’s exhibition Latent Being is nominated for the Science in the Arts category of Falling Wall’s Breakthroughs of the Year award.
Feb 2021
Robert Irwin in conversation with Jonathan Griffin
"Irwin has shaped the history of art in Southern California more significantly, over a longer period, than any other living artist."
Dec 2020
Jakob Kudsk Steensen talks with Hans Ulrich Obrist
“Often new perspectives on ecology arise through upheavals in the field of technology.”
Dec 2020
Jakob Kudsk Steensen in conversation with Xin Wang
"In the context of art, you can make something that consists exclusively of such in-between spaces."
Dec 2020
LAS co-presents WE=LINK:Sideways
The works on display and online span three decades of net art practice, from arguably the first internet-era artwork to the most current production.
Nov 2020
Judy Chicago on turning her art to the climate crisis
"‘Rainbow AR’ can transform our internal spaces, if only for a few moments."
Nov 2020
Refik Anadol in conversation with Ben Vickers
"I was obsessed with the human ability of taking information, turning it into knowledge und ultimately into wisdom."
Oct 2020
Bettina Kames on the new foundation's debut show
"Light Art Space is setting out to bring Berliners cutting-edge light-based art."
Oct 2020
Refik Anadol's First Solo Exhibition in Germany
"A new installation by Refik Anadol turnes the cathedral-like, concrete magnitude of Kraftwerk Berlin into a dynamic human-AI eco-system."
Nov 2019
Judy Chicago, the Godmother of Feminist Art
"When Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” opened in 1979, no one had ever seen anything like it."
Feb 2018