Light Art Space is a Berlin-based non-profit art foundation, working at the intersection of art, new technology and science.

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Breakthroughs of the Year: Science in the Arts Berlin Science Week x Falling Walls

Media artist and director Refik Anadol was voted one of the top ten winners in the Science in the Arts category of Falling Wall's Breakthroughs of the Year award for his LAS-commissioned exhibition Latent Being, which was presented at Kraftwerk Berlin in 2019. Hear Anadol discuss his work in the Winners Session.


LAS co-presents We=Link:Sideways

A Chronus Art Center (CAC) Special Online Exhibition
November 21, 2020 – May 23, 2021


“With light you can ask questions about who we are as humans. It’s also related to the future, to the newest technology and scientific research. We always wanted to pursue this interdisci­plinary approach, where you bring art and science and technology together.”

–– Bettina Kames, Director, LAS