LAS is a Berlin-based art foundation that brings together art, technology and science.



The Berlin-based art group terra0 explores whether ecosystems should have rights similar to those we humans enjoy.

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Interspecies Future

Our planet is collapsing and humanity is the biggest threat to itself and all earthly species. We are living in the Anthropocene, a geological epoch in which human beings have irreversibly altered Earth. What comes next?



A series of live programming around Libby Heaneys Ent-

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PastEvent Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar,
Jan 26, 2022 — Jan 27, 2022
Kraftwerk Berlin
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PastExhibition Robert Irwin,
Light and Space
Dec 5, 2021 — Jan 30, 2022
Kraftwerk Berlin
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PastExhibition Jakob Kudsk Steensen,
Jul 10, 2021 — Sep 26, 2021
Halle am Berghain
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“With light you can ask questions about who we are as humans. It’s also related to the future, to the newest technology and scientific research. We always wanted to pursue this interdisci­plinary approach, where you bring art and science and technology together.”

–– Bettina Kames, Director, LAS